Procurement and Processing


Saffron (Kesar) crop gets harvested in the month of October-November of every calendar year we get three to five flowers from the bulb (corm) of saffron at an interval of two days. The stigma part of the flower is being picked up by the farmers of the said association and these stigmas are being dried up to ensure that the product is free from any kind of moisture. This kind of saffron (Red stigma with style) is known as lachcha saffron.


Conversion of lachcha (stigma with style) in to red stigma (mongra) is again being handled by the skilled labour to obtain exclusively stigma (red portion) and style from the original lachcha separately. The deep red portion of the stigma is called Mongra Saffron & the yellowish part of the stigma is called Style.

Besides we get other parts of the flower known as yellow stamina and petals separately in order to meet the requirement of buyers of such products.